Course Date

  • 9th October - 27th October

  • The live sessions start am 4pm Central European Time

  • Network of Customer Success Managers. Exclusive and limited group SaaS, Tech and Subscription Businesses.

What you will master in this program

  • Leading a team and creating an environment for team success

  • Monitor and measure the metrics required to ensure the team is successful

  • Coaching your team to ensure individual team members are set up to thrive

Weekly Schedule and Time Input


Week 1 - Lead

Create an environment for team success

Our first week will focus on why your company is investing in Customer Success (spoiler: to increase NRR), how to ensure you're aligned with that - from prioritization to reporting - as well as what success looks like for you, your Org, Teams, and CSMs. The rest of the program - and ultimately your success as Head of Customer Success - builds off of this fundamental understanding. We'll get clear on the difference between Leadership and Management (and why that's important), how to work with your Executive team, and we'll explore the Financial Metrics that directly roll-up to NRR.

Week 2 - Manage

Monitor and measure the metrics required to ensure the team is successful

Building off of the first week’s Leadership focus and getting clear on the purpose of Customer Success in your company, this week we’ll move on to Management. Management is the measuring, monitoring, and running of day-to-day operations; this is a critical responsibility of the Head of Customer Success. Understanding clearly where your team members are in relation to where they need to be and knowing when and how to intervene to ensure objectives are met is a critical skill set that world-class Heads of Customer Success possess. You will leave this week with the tools and frameworks necessary to effectively manage your teams and your overall Customer Success operations


Week 3 - Coach

Ensure individual team members are setup to thrive

A great coach doesn’t just point out flaws in execution or needed changes in behavior, but works with the individual contributors to ensure whatever changes are necessary are put in place and that everyone is set up to thrive. Whether it’s a CSM direct report or a Director with their own team of CSMs, being able to coach your team members to help them be the best that they can be is what separates World-class Heads of Customer Success from everyone else. Historically, Coaching is one of the most under-appreciated and least talked about aspects of your role as Head of Customer Success, but that ends now.  You will leave this week with the tools and frameworks necessary to coach your team to excellence.

Weekly schedule

  1. 1
    • Welcome & Program Overview

    • Course Start survey

    • Workbook week 1

    • Concepts & Common Definitions

    • Friday - Pre-recording

    • Live session recording October 9th

    • Answer to remaining Q&A question October 9th

    • Tuesday - Scenario week 1

    • Live session recording October 11th

    • Thursday - Quiz week 1

  2. 2
    • Friday - Pre-recording Management

    • Workbook week 2

    • Bonus material: Lifecycle Capacity Planning

    • Bonus material: Customer Operations

    • Bonus material: Compensation Models

    • Live session recording October 16th

    • Tuesday - Scenario week 2

    • Live session recording October 18th

    • Thursday - Quiz week 2

  3. 3
    • Friday - Pre recording Coaching

    • Workbook week 3

    • Bonus Material: Goals & Motivation

    • Bonus Material : Joint accountability

    • Bonus Material: Objective Confidence

    • Bonus Material: Objection Breakthrough Formula

    • Live session recording October 23rd

    • Tuesday - Scenario 3

    • Live session recording October 25th

    • Thursday - Quiz Week 3


Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy is a world-renowned growth architect, consultant, author and speaker. As one of the earliest evangelists for Customer Success, Lincoln was invited to co-author the book on Customer Success.

Johan Nilsson

Johan Nilsson is a Swedish technology entrepreneur. He has a long background building SaaS-companies and is presently the CEO & founder of Startdeliver, a next generation Customer Success Software.