• I have a busy schedule, do I have to take time off work?

    There is only 2 hours per week that is scheduled during normal work hours. There will also be some work to be done by yourself that you can either do during work hours or on after hours. See each course description of how much time you will need to offset. We know that Customer Success Managers are very very busy. The program is a way to help improve and make work more productive and efficient. It's investing some time now to get it back in the coming months and years.

  • I will miss some of the planned Live Sessions, can I still participate?

    Yes. All Live Sessions will be recorded and shared the same day. Having said that, the purpose of the Live Sessions is to have interactions with others and be able to work in groups. So, we highly recommend blocking the Live Sessions in the calendar.

  • Will there be opportunity to meet and network with others?

    Yes, a big part of the program is interaction with others. You will be part of a smaller group based on experience, business, customer types similar to yours. This group will work together during the program and do both workshops and share learnings together. There will also be a Slack cannel where you will get to share and interact with other participants.

  • Does it matter what region I am based in?

    Our programs are not region-specific, but are based on our collective experience working with companies around the world. We just ask that you factor in your (and your customers') region- and culture-specific norms when putting what you learn into practice.

  • Why are all prices in Euro?

    The operations of Impact Academy are run by Startdeliver who are based in Europe which is why the default currency is Euro. Roughly 50% of our students are from the United States or other Non-European countries and there's been no currency-related issues so far. But if you do run into any issues, please contact us.

  • My title is not "Customer Success Manager", can I still join the program?

    Yes. The title Customer Success Manager is not used for all roles that actually work with Customer Success Management. Some examples of other titles that can participate in the program are Customer Care, Account Manager, Customer Success Specialist, Onboarding Specialist, Customer Success Executive to name a few. If you work with the existing customers in a recurring revenue business you will get a lot of value from the program.

  • Is this a beginners program or an advanced program?

    There are different courses suitable for any stage in your career. Depending on wether you are new to Customer Success Management or you have been working with it for many years, you will take away different things. You can see in the courses descriptions who the courses are intended for. The programs are designed around universal topics and concepts within Customer Success Management that you are never “done” with. You will also be grouped with peers based on experience, business, customer types etc.

  • Our business is not similar to other SaaS companies, will the program be relevant for me?

    We will cover many concepts that are universal in nature but can be applied differently depending on business and priority. If you are in a business with recurring revenue, you have customers and you want to find ways to work better to make them stay longer, buy more and advocate for you, then you will get value from the program. And if you are not convinced after the first week, we offer 100% money back Guarantee.

  • Can I get a discount if we are signing up several people?

    If you are more than 5 people from the same company we can offer bulk discounts or package prices. This only applies if you sign up everyone at the same time, it is possible to chose different courses for each individual. Contact Karolin at kzeugtraeger@startdeliver.com and tell us more about how many you are and which courses you'd like to join so we can set something up.