Course Date & Time

  • 13th - 30th November

  • The live sessions start at 4 pm Central European Time

  • Network of Customer Success Managers. Exclusive and limited group SaaS, Tech and Subscription Businesses.

What you will master in this program

  • Create an organization structure designed to ensure your customer and team success

  • Drive NRR growth through expansion revenue without being salesy

  • Manage more customers and more revenue more efficiently

Weekly Schedule and Time Input

We recommend to set aside about a total of 3 - 3.5 hours distributed over the week.


Week 1 - Design

Create an organization structure designed to ensure your customers and team success

In addition to Leading, Managing, and Coaching your team, as Head of Customer Success, you’re also responsible for designing an organization that won’t just meet the goals of today, but is set up to meet the goals of the future. The biggest issue with most Customer Success Management organizations and the way they are designed is that they aren’t. A World-class Head of Customer Success doesn’t have an operating model that has simply evolved haphazardly over time but, rather, is deliberate in designing everything that goes into a truly scalable and extensible model. You will leave this week with an understanding of what goes into the design of your organization and operating model, the frameworks and philosophies necessary to design that model, and the confidence to approach it in a deliberate way.

Week 2 - Expand

Drive NRR growth through expansion revenue without being salesy

The purpose of Customer Success is to consistently improve Net Revenue Retention (NRR). You approve NRR by reducing churn, reducing contraction, and increasing expansion, otherwise known as upsell. Using expansion to offset - and hopefully surpass - revenue churn is a sound strategy for growth, but much like other aspects of Customer Success Management there’s a right way to do it and a way that produces poor results that should be avoided. No one that gets into Customer Success does so because they want to be in Sales. You’ll leave this week with the frameworks and mindset to take people who have self-identified as anything but sales and turn them into the top revenue generating organization in your company in a way that doesn’t alienate but rather empowers them.

Week 3 - Scale

Manage more customers and more revenue more efficiently

The need to scale is a great problem to have. As we add new customers we need to ensure that those customers are consistently achieving their Appropriate Experience (AX) and hitting their Goals. AX + Goals is known as Desired Outcome. How do you continue to help customers achieve their Desired Outcome as your customer base achieves rapid, exponential growth? Scale is all about efficiency, but just like anything, Scaling can be done the right way, or in a way that produces poor or even the opposite results that you’re looking for. You will leave this week with an understanding of what scalability truly is, the frameworks in mindset required to approach scaling your Customer Success Management organization the right way, and a list of pitfalls to avoid to ensure your success, your team success, and the continued success of your customers.

Weekly schedule

  1. 1
    • Welcome & Program Overview

    • Course Start survey

    • Workbook week 1

    • Concepts & Common Definitions

    • Friday - Pre-recording Coverage Models & Org Design

    • Live session recording - Deep dive Coverage Models & Org design

    • Tuesday - Scenario week 1

    • Coverage Models & Org Design part 2

    • Live session recording - Group discussion

    • Thursday - Quiz week 1

  2. 2
    • Friday - Pre-recording Scaling Expansion

    • Workbook week 2

    • Bonus material - Progress Milestones & Lifecycle Interactions

    • Live session recording - Deep Dive Scaling Expansion

    • Bonus material: Compensation Models

    • Tuesday - Scenario week 2

    • Live session recording - Scaling Expansion Group Discussion

    • Thursday - Quiz week 2

    • Answers to remaining questions

    • Short demo of Startdeliver

  3. 3
    • Friday - Pre-recording Capacity Planning

    • Workbook week 3

    • Live session recording - Capacity Planning

    • Tuesday - Scenario Applying Capacity Planning

    • Live session recording Capacity Planning Group Discussion

    • Thursday - Quiz Week 3


Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy is a world-renowned growth architect, consultant, author and speaker. As one of the earliest evangelists for Customer Success, Lincoln was invited to co-author the book on Customer Success.

Johan Nilsson

Johan Nilsson is a Swedish technology entrepreneur. He has a long background building SaaS-companies and is presently the CEO & founder of Startdeliver, a next generation Customer Success Software.