Course Date & Time

  • 10th - 21st June

  • The live sessions start at 4pm Central European Time

  • Network of Customer Success Managers. Exclusive and limited group SaaS, Tech and Subscription Businesses.

What you will master in this program

  • Active vs Passive Advocacy

  • Orchestrating Customer Advocacy

  • Advocacy Tracking Systems

  • Graduated Advocacy Asks

  • The Psychology of Customer Advocacy

  • The Non-Spammy Approach to Advocacy Asks

Weekly Schedule and Time Input

We recommend to set aside about a total of 3 - 3.5 hours distributed over the week.

The course consists of some work in your own time and Zoom live sessions on: 


In the Advocacy Program, we'll equip you with the strategies and techniques to turn your customers into true advocates for your business. This isn't just theory; you will build your personal advocacy program alongside us during these two intensive weeks.

Over the course of this program, we will explore essential topics like the psychology behind customer advocacy, differentiating between passive and active advocacy, and how to measure the success of your advocacy initiatives. You'll gain a rich, hands-on experience building an authentic, powerful advocacy program for your business.

We will support your learning with a multitude of resources, including a comprehensive Advocacy Playbook, frameworks for planning and measurement, templates for various types of advocacy asks, and scenarios for practicing your skills in real-world contexts.

Week One: Laying the Foundation

The first week will focus on understanding the concept of Active vs Passive Advocacy and how to orchestrate customer advocacy effectively. You'll identify who among your existing customer base is ripe for advocacy and understand the psychological triggers that make advocacy so compelling.

Week Two: Fine-Tuning and Scaling

In the second week, we'll delve into frameworks and methods like Advocacy Tracking Systems and Graduated Advocacy Asks. These will help you fine-tune and scale your advocacy efforts. We'll also discuss how to approach advocacy in a manner that feels genuine and not salesy, ensuring that your advocacy requests are both effective and respectful.

By the end of this two-week intensive, you'll not only have a deep understanding of customer advocacy but also a working advocacy program ready for implementation. This program offers a comprehensive opportunity for your professional development, setting you up to generate meaningful business outcomes via authentic, impactful customer advocacy.

You'll walk away with a complete Advocacy Playbook, frameworks, templates, and planning tools that will continue to serve you as you refine and expand your program, transforming customers into powerful advocates for your business.


Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy is a world-renowned growth architect, consultant, author and speaker. As one of the earliest evangelists for Customer Success, Lincoln was invited to co-author the book on Customer Success.

Johan Nilsson

Johan Nilsson is a Swedish technology entrepreneur. He has a long background building SaaS-companies and is presently the CEO & founder of Startdeliver, a next generation Customer Success Software.