Course Date & Time

  • 27th May - 7th June

  • The live sessions start at 4pm Central European Time

  • Network of Customer Success Managers. Exclusive and limited group SaaS, Tech and Subscription Businesses.

What you will master in this program

  • Customer Success Opportunity Sourcing

  • Success Milestones

  • Orchestration

  • TEAM Framework

  • Acceleration Method

  • Objection Breakthrough formula

  • The non-salesy approach to sales

Weekly Schedule and Time Input

The weekly time input for this course is about 4-4.5 hours per week distributed over 5 days. For more detailed lesson descriptions and time input see the curriculum below.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome & Overview

    • Course Start survey

    • Concepts & Common Definitions (30 minutes)

    • Pre-recorded content: Introduction to Expansion in CS

    • Pre-recorded content: Expansion isn't Sales

    • Pre-recorded content: Busting Common Expansion Myths

    • Tuesday: Live Deep-Dive (1 hour): Designing Expansion: Creating the Ascension Path

    • Wednesday: Scenario Work (1+ hour): Applying Milestone Identification to a Real or Hypothetical Customer Scenario

    • Thursday: Discussing Scenario Outcomes and Strategies

    • Quiz (15 mins): Assessing Understanding of Expansion Concepts and Milestone Utilization

    • Bonus material: Progress Milestones, Joint Accountability, & Lifecycle Interactions

    • Bonus material: Compensation Models

  2. 2
    • Pre-recorded content: Orchestration Overview - Intro

    • Pre-recorded content: Orchestration Overview - Why it Matters

    • Pre-recorded content: Orchestration Overview - Framework

    • Tuesday: Live Deep-Dive (1 hour): Psychology Superpower: Orchestration

    • Orchestration Conversation Examples

    • Wednesday: Scenario Work (1+ hour): Developing an Orchestration Strategy for a Given Customer Profile

    • Thursday: Discussing Scenario Outcomes and Strategies

    • Friday: Quiz (15 mins): Testing Knowledge on Orchestration and the TEAM Framework

    • Bonus material: Doing expansion in real life with a CS system


In the Expansion Program we will equip you with the skills and tools necessary to build a playbook for unlocking growth in your existing customer base.

Over the course of this program, we will cover a range of topics, including understanding the customer lifecycle stages, identifying growth opportunities, implementing effective success milestones, and using data to inform decision-making. By participating in this training program, you will gain practical, hands-on experience in implementing impactful expansion playbooks.

We will provide you with a variety of resources to support your learning, including a comprehensive playbook, frameworks, templates, planning tools, and scenarios. You will have the opportunity to learn hands-on and practice these skills in real-world situations.

The first part of the program will focus on Customer Success Opportunity Sourcing and Success Milestones. You will learn how to identify growth opportunities in your existing customer base and create success milestones that resonate with your customers.

During the second part of the program, we will provide frameworks such as Orchestration, TEAM Framework, Acceleration Method, Objection Breakthrough formula, and The non-salesy approach to sales. These frameworks will enable you to develop effective expansion strategies that drive value for your customers and expand your book of business.

By the end of the program, you will have developed a deep understanding of the customer lifecycle stages and be equipped with the skills and tools necessary to build and implement impactful expansion playbooks. The Expansion Program provides an unparalleled opportunity for you to enhance your professional development and drive meaningful outcomes for your customers and your business. You will receive a comprehensive playbook, frameworks, templates, planning tools, and scenarios to help you practice and build your own playbook to unlock more value for your customers and expand your book of business.


Lincoln Murphy

Lincoln Murphy is a world-renowned growth architect, consultant, author and speaker. As one of the earliest evangelists for Customer Success, Lincoln was invited to co-author the book on Customer Success.

Johan Nilsson

Johan Nilsson is a Swedish technology entrepreneur. He has a long background building SaaS-companies and is presently the CEO & founder of Startdeliver, a next generation Customer Success Software.